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Wine Club
Terms & Conditions 

 Terms and Conditions are subject to change to follow provincial, federal, and municipal guidelines, laws and rules. Vivace Estate Winery reserves the right to change and modify these terms and conditions if necessary.


Complimentary memberships are free and require no payments.


For any of these Memberships to apply, there must be a successfully registered email account under your name signed up for Vivace Estate Winery's "Un-Wine-d Club"


Memberships are renewed automatically every year on the date that each account was signed up on.


Applicable only to residents of Ontario 19 years or older.


Discounts cannot be combined with any active promotions in the Vivace Estate Winery retail store.


Discounts are not applicable at any LCBO.


Any and all personal information shared with Vivace Estate Winery and its staff will not be shared or published. All personal information submitted to Vivace Estate Winery or staff is confidential and private.


Points (corks) cannot be redeemed until these Terms and Conditions have been signed by the individual that owns the account.


Members will be notified by Vivace Estate Winery if any of these Terms and Conditions change in the future


Once enrolled in a membership program that includes the collection of points (corks).


Vivace Estate Winery reserves the right to refuse service, cancel memberships, or deduct points at any time if a member does not comply with these terms and conditions or violates our community safety measures.


Reward points will be deducted or not awarded for any returned, exchanged, or cancelled product purchases.


No cork points will be awarded to any purchases where points are redeemed to pay for more than 60% of the purchase. No cork points will be rewarded when members pay entirely with gift cards. The member will only be awarded points for the portion of the payment that is not paid for with cork points or gift cards.


If the member notices any issues or incorrect balances with their account points they must notify Vivace Estate Winery management within 30 days of the transaction where the issue occurred. In the event that Vivace Estate Winery notices your account has improperly recorded cork points Vivace Estate Winery staff reserve the right to deduct or award cork points in order to properly reflect the correct balance of the account.


At no time can cork points be transferable, sold, traded, or otherwise by a member. Points have no direct value. Cork points have no physical property value and are not owned by members until used. The only person able to use cork points is the member that is associated with the phone number and email address on the account.


In case of death of a member the points will be forfeited and the account will be closed resulting in the cork points returning the number zero (0) without compensation.


To redeem your points members must log in to their account through the link provided at purchase.


Cork points may only be redeemed with wine purchases either through our online store or our retail store located at 5141 Concession 5 Rd North in Amherstburg Ontario. Cork points may not be redeemed at: any LCBO store, at Vivace Estate Winery’s Cellar Lounge, or for tastings/wine-by-the-glass on the patio or tasting room.


Every cork point earned is equal to $1 and may only be redeemed in increments of 10, meaning $10. Therefore, in order to redeem cork points, only multiples of the number 10 (ten) can be used in any purchase.


Purchases, where points are redeemed, are non-refundable and cannot be returned.


Cork points cannot be used or earned with any other discounts or offers.


Cork points cannot be used as the entirety of the payment in one purchase. Members cannot redeem cork points that make up any more than 75% (¾) of the purchase. Cork points cannot be redeemed as cash payouts.


When redeeming cork points, cork points will be reduced from the members' account that was used for the purchase.


Vivace Estate Winery reserves the right to apply any necessary taxes or fees as required by law to the purchase price. Members are responsible for acknowledging these taxes and fees as well as paying them after the reduction of cork points.


Cork points may not be redeemed on the same day that they are earned, m=they must only be used on future purchases and never past purchases.


Cork points may only be redeemed by the member that earned them. The redeeming member is liable or responsible for all payable taxes or fees that may result from participating in the cork points rewards program (either through collecting or redeeming cork points).


Any purchase made at Vivace Estate Winery may not be sold or resold.


In the event that any of these terms and conditions are altered, added to, changed, or removed in any way all members will be notified prior to these changes coming into effect.


Vivace Estate Winery reserves the right and ability to cancel, terminate, or suspend the usage of the Cork Points rewards system provided that all members receive prior notice without regard for the ability of members to earn or redeem Cork Points.


In the case that Vivace Estate Winery decides to no longer support or terminate this rewards program any and all cork points collected will return to zero and be forfeited by all members without compensation or exception.


Vivace Estate Winery also reserves the right to delete/terminate any member's account and remove all cork points if the member violates any terms or conditions. Including but not limited to:

  • Abuse of cork points privileges

  • Breach of contract terms and conditions

  • If a member conducts themselves in a manner that is physically or verbally abusive as well as written forms of abuse towards Vivace Estate Winery staff members, guests, or animals

  • Members must also agree to not engage in any conduct that endangers Vivace Estate Winery business, employees, cork points system, property, and/or guests

  • If a member fails to make full payments for membership Vivace Estate Winery reserves the right to terminate their membership in which case the member will have 30 days after cancellation to use any redeemable cork points.

In the event that a member chooses to delete/terminate their account all cork points will be deducted from the total collected points.


At the discretion of Vivace Estate Winery, any member who has seemingly become inactive (has not redeemed or earned any cork points in a consecutive period of 12 months) will be subject to account termination. Inactive members will be notified of account deletion 4 days prior to this date.


Members who cancel their own membership (without notice) must use any remaining cork points prior to the cancellation date.


Vivace Estate Winery does not share any personal information for members or guests. We respect our consumers' privacy needs and only disclose personal information for related reasons such as your name being used in your account information, phone numbers are used to track cork points, and member emails are used to send out our newsletters.


By becoming a member of Vivace Estate Winery’s wine club you are consenting to the collection and private usage of your personal information to be used by Vivace Estate Winery staff.


By becoming a member you are consenting to be included in Vivace Estate Winery’s mailing list in order to inform members regarding our cork points system, our products, discounts, marketing announcements, and newsletter.


Vivace Estate Winery is not responsible for any wine club members' actions in accordance with any local laws that differ from the laws applicable within Amherstburg Ontario. Members are responsible to comply with any rules, regulations, laws, or by-laws within their own jurisdiction.


Your participation in our membership program is voluntary and able to be withdrawn at any moment should you wish to. These terms constitute a legally binding agreement between each individual member and Vivace Estate Winery. If there is a failure within the system that Vivace Estate Winery uses to track and redeem cork points Vivace Estate Winery reserves the right to restart all membership in a way deemed fit to reconcile with lost points or discounts.


By submitting your email, phone number, and/or name you are agreeing that you have read and agree to all terms and conditions listed above.

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